Product Guide

A series of white or off white free flowing products made of gypsum (Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate).


A high quality certified product that is perfectly suited to arable crop production. Used as a fertiliser or available as a soil conditioner. Easily applied with standard spreaders in low and high volume applications.

A multisized product that maximises time release properties. The smaller particles are readily dissolved and absorbed while the larger particles dissolve more slowly, supplying calcium and sulphur throughout the growing season.


Commonly used in the beef and poultry industries. Our product range is based on a pelletized product that is batch dried and works well in loose bedding either as a mix or neat. Available in bulk deliveries or 20kg bags.


A powdery, batch dried cubicle conditioner, ideal for use with rubber mats and mattresses. A series of white or off white free flowing products up to 6mm. The product is 100% more soluble than limestone products and has a series of very distinct advantages when compared to more traditional bedding products. Bulk deliveries in walking floors or tippers.

A new super fine 0-3mm grade is now available in bulk or 20kg bags.


A high quality granulated product available in various sizes from 2mm to 8mm depending on requirement. A dust free and accredited product available in bulk or 20kg bags.


A series of very high grade fine powders of various sizes up to 3mm. Supplies in bulk or 20kg bags.

Garden-Gyp and Amenity-Gyp

A free flowing product used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner. Used on gardens, lawns, golf courses, sports pitches, orchards and parks. Available in bulk deliveries or in 20kg bags, either by the pallet or individual bags.


Absorbent granules. A very high quality granular absorbent product. A most effective and efficient absorbent, capable of absorbing almost any fluid spillage. Fast acting and suitable for all floors and surfaces. Available in 20kg bags.