Livestock - Poultry

The benefits of amending poultry litter with Gyp-Bedding:-

  • Reduces the moisture in litter
  • Reduces ammonia release
  • Improves the fertiliser value of the spent litter
  • Reduces phosphate losses
  • Reduced bacterial growth
  • Reduces energy consumption notably heating costs - when you use our product to stabilise ammonia in the manure, it is not released into the atmosphere of the shed. The specific heat of ammonia gas is 1.55. Water's specific heat is 1. Normal atmosphere is 0.885. It therefore takes 1.75 times more energy to heat ammonia than it does air! As the product keeps the ammonia gas in manure from volatilising it results in less venting of buildings, keeping the valuable warm air inside
  • Bulk deliveries available nationwide in walking floors and tippers, or by the pallet in 20kg bags